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Danny Mackane
Kevin Moon
Jay Nicholas
Mike Lincoln


from left: Kevin, Jay, Danny and Mike

TransAction Showcase Night at

September 19, 1998

The Subterraneans
The Turbo A.C.'s
the 45's
Jones Crusher

Danny Mackane, the ex-Roxanna guitar dynamo responsible for a healthy portion of the 'rock ' in the (now disbanded) immensely popular lower east side outfit is back on the circuit making a big noise with his new line-up, the 45's. The band co-headlined (along with the Turbo A.C's) TransAction Magazine's showcase night at CBGB's on September 19th, allowing me to find out, firsthand, what the brouhaha is all about.

To cut to the chase, Danny Mackane's new band is good -- very good. The new sound is a dynamic blend of melodic pop and straight ahead, messed up high energy rock. Mackane's trademark all out assault on his guitar (and audience) has been replaced with a controlled seething release, fueling the songs with undeniable conviction. Vocally, Mackane, who looks very much the front-man, delivers a wide range of styles, seemingly effortlessly.

Kevin Moon on guitar and Jay Nicholas on bass provide competent musicianship as well as a groove oriented stage style that nicely compliments Mackane's laser-sharp delivery. Every word of each song is meant for YOU.

Mike Lincoln's reputation for solid drumming (a talent formerly wasted in projects not up to his par) is substantiated in this fitted project.

The band has a five song demo tape available for purchase. For information on how to receive one, call (718) 932-6204 and leave a message with your phone number. A band member will get back to you. Catch the 45's at Arlene's Grocery on Thursday, October 15th at 10:30 PM.

The Turbo A.C.'s were as slick, professional and tight as ever. Their set of super-charged slamming greaser rock satisfied the healthy turnout of fans who came to see them. On a new label and with a newly released CD, the band is leaving for their third European tour soon. Things are, to put it modestly, going well in the Turbo A.C.'s camp. We're scheduled to interview the ever-amiable Turbo front-man, Kevin Cole soon and will report all of the details.

Surprise talents of the night were The Subterraneans, whom I've not heard of or seen before. Guitarist Rik Mercaldi scorched the stage as the band performed their set of melodic NYC street-smart story songs. Drummer Mike Roze, formerly in the now defunct Chelsea Saints with Mercaldi, co-writes the material and shares the vocals. The duo performed acousticly before enjoining Mike Curry on bass and going electric. The band has an excellent 12 song CD available. Contact Bruce...I mean Rik at (201) 583-0475.

I don't have the details on Skrap. Their sound reminds me of Lush, or, if that is too English of a reference...uhm, too bad, because that's the best sound comparison. Go listen to Lush. Or better yet, check back to the site soon and I'll have contact information for Skrap, who have a CD available.

Jones Crusher closed the night, and to put it simply, sucked. They played loud, tuneless noise. In between songs the fat and ugly front-man insulted the other bands on the bill. Must have read, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

That's about it for now. Out of here. Till next time...

Stay tuned and keep playing the music,
Ben S. Herman

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