The Ashley Wilkes Band

Band Biography

GIRL Records signed The Ashley Wilkes Band after seeing them perform at various NYC events including Hunter (SUNY) College's ROCK FOR DEMOC! Concert (organized by Wilkes), FESTIVAL OF THE GARDENS (an ongoing battle to save the endangered gardens on NYC's lower east side & sponsored by Cover Magazine) and Lo-Fi Sundays at Gaslight, NYC. Wilkes also plays hostess of GIRRLCORE, a once-a-month Saturday evening of "girl bands" and the ever-so-popular SWAG TABLE, over the top entertainers and surprise guest performers.

The band's debut release "SKIRTS & ART" has been labeled everything from cynical lounge pop to cow-punk to girl empowerment music. With live footage aired on NYC's cable TV community (Tweeter TV, TransACTION TV, and Rockin' Clubs) the band appears on various websites including, The College 500, and On college radio, the single "Settled In" from "Skirts & Art" received rotation on over 200 stations in the northeast.

On college radio, the single "Settled In" from "Skirts & Art" received rotation on over 200 stations in the northeast.

The band's eclectic line-up comprised of Ashley Wilkes on vocals & guitar. Founder and primary songwriter, the NYC dweller is famous for her totally east village wardrobe, quirky behavior and provocative lyrics. Naomi Watanabe, drummer in the band wears the tiara for cow-punk japanese pop princess. Fresh off the plane from Japan on an academic scholarship and snagged by Wilkes, Naomi switched her studies to upbeat tempos and art! The band's banner, logos, flyers and promotional pieces are designed by Watanabe. Amy Lipman, a graduate of Columbia and preschool teacher plays the acoustic bass. Always hoarse from her days of playing guitar and singing for the kids, the band welcomes Lipman's hoarse (we like to call it lush) texture to the harmonies. Marcy Gordon, a frustrated lawyer who got tired of the corporate sleaze (as she puts it) decided she'd rather play guitar all day and adds an earthmother-ness to the crew. Recruited from a pretty famous blue-grass band (that now has a price on Ashley's head) Scott Cornwell, (Brooklyn born & raised) fondly referred to as Baby Monroe wouldn't be caught alive without his banjo. Just ask the last photographer who tried to take a photo of him with it out of the picture! Switching from banjo to lap steel to dobro leaves just enough time for Cornwell to sing a tune or two of his own. Collectively the band aspires to HAVE FUN & LIVE FOR THE LAUGHS. YEE-HAW!


"Ashley Wilkes has a sexy name and sexy music!"
Alan Stout
Sound Check

"This short EP is jam packed with nice soothing songs with strong vocals by Ashley Wilkes. Skirts & Art has that lo-fi flava, and if you got that cravin' you'll like this."
Marc Hartzman

"...a mix of girlish enthusiasm and charm and a well trained voice ...she can twist and turn a note as well as Annie Lennox ever could."
Claude Solnik
Manhattan Mirror

"The band's Brownie's show was full of spirit and spunk...catchy tunes delivered with slicing vocals. If The Ashley Wilkes Band doesn't leave you with a swagger in your step, you probably won't fog a mirror put up to your mouth."
Karena Bernard
TransAction Magazine

"Kristen Hersh-esque vocals meet the better days of Salem 66. "Settled In" is a comforting opener that shows off this band's talent of writing lazy, sparse and retro pop songs."
Peter Reitzes
Oculus Magazine

"The lyrics are clever and to the point...the groove is upbeat and fun."
Bob Noxious
The Music Paper

"Cynical lounge pop...sweetened by an oboe and cello. Acoustic guitars give overall sound an avant-garde feel. Girls rule in this band."
Good Times

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