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by Herb Wright

TransACTION London Correspondent

Current faves are : MOLOKO - The Time Is Now, OASIS - Who Feels Love, DOVES - The Cedar Room, EMBRACE - You're Not Alone, JUNGLE BROTHERS - Freakin You.

I do a load of pre-release indie heaven early on in the evening then, at the end, it's the big tunes we all know and love! - Anything from the last century to what's HOT and FRESH.


Moloko- The Time Is Now (Echo)
A handy tune for people without a watch- I thought Moloko was a something U got in Starbucks until last year.

Oasis- Who Feels Love (Big Bro)
Delicious! A Beatles track? More like Kula Shaker I reckon- oh hold on, they did Beatles tributes as well!

Doves- The Cedar Room (Heavenly)
When the whole world is sliding towards dance, the x-Sub Sub boys go guitar- and it's bloody great!

Embrace- You're Not Alone (Hut)
This is a great anthem and the sentiment reminds me of the James Taylor classic.
Jungle Bros- Freakin You (Gee Street)
Who needs those pests the Bloodhound Gang when there's real class like this about?

Ian Brown- Golden Gaze (Polydor)
Is Squire choking yet? Ian's a messenger from another plane, and no not the one on which he was stitched up by the stewardess.

Richard Ashcroft- Song For Lovers (Hut)
Full marks to the white soul master for keeping it real, post-Verve.

LSK- Love or Hate (Sony)
Modern soul is so full of whining, where did the magic of Marvin et al go? LSK show soul can still be about your soul...

Beck- Mixed Bizness (Geffen)
Good summary of the Yankmaster's musical strategy really.

Eels- Mr E's beautiful Day (Geffen)
Who is Mr E? Surely not the guy aka Lord Pill? Methinks not, this is about lovely summery feelings...

Bellatrix- Sweet Surrender (Fierce Panda)
One in 50K Icelanders are in Bellatrix and Elisa's got the best voice of the llot .

Pallmall- Is She All You Want (Peoplesound)
Modern soul is so full of whining, where did the magic of Dinah Washington or Mary Wells go? Not fags but beautiful & classy anyway.

Death In Vegas- Dirge (Concrete)
I boycotted Aisha cos it's mysoginist, but U can't argue w/ this...

Animalhouse- Small (Boiler House)
Mmm- the wierd joy of early Supergrass and the promise of the Mystics- good formula Sam!

Sahara Hotnights- Drive Dead Slow (BMG)
Cor those Swedes- I'm convinced rock'n'roll is dead but these guys want to prove me wrong- and she's got a voice!

Embrace- New Adam New Eve (Hut)
The other Manchester brothers go heavy on the next single, it's rock but not as we know it Jim.

Soulwax- Much Against Everyone's Advice(PIAS)
I had a build-up of Soulwax but much against everyone's advice got it cleaned out w/ a water jet.

Saltgrass- Do You want To Get Off (Peoplesound)
There's an instantly mesmerising dark groove to this dowload.

Dark Star- I Am The Sun (Harvest)
Bumped into the singer the other day- "nice one Sun" I said.

Campag Velocet- Vito Satan (PIAS)
Peculiarly happy track from these noisy moody oddball gits.


Sub-sub- Ain't No Love (compo)
I reckon Disco House in the early 90s was better than now- they who became Doves proved it!

Fontella Bass- Rescue Me (compo)
Mm what a name Fontella- anyway here's the original not the sample on the radio .

Slow Bongo Floyd- Open Up Your Heart (Epic)
A cheeky groove that anticipated the way a lot of current dance crossover was to go.

Beatles- Not A Second Time (Parlophone)
Promising lads these- here's an early one only the real heads will know, but I'm gonna change that!