by Shari

Black Velvet Magazine

hat does the word Stimulator bring to mind? Sensuality, sexuality, sensation. This is EXACTLY what the band of that name are all about. Created by frontman Billy Morrison, the hard edged four-piece from London have a warped, twisted sound and nature that is at the same time infused with melody.

With two CD singles and two tapes all released on their own label, F.O.N.O. Music, this band shows that they have tons of tunes and bags of talent.

Now signed to the
Geffen label, the band have just recorded their debut CD in Los Angeles. It looks like a Summer release for the yet to be titled work which was produced by Ulrick Wild (Deftones, White Zombie, Stabbing Westward), so prepare for scorching tracks such as 'Strike No. 1', 'L.I.V.' and 'Cold'. They'll plant themselves into your skull with such impact that they'll permanently mutilate your mind.

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